There is Fuji that there is not here only. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU


Please heal daily fatigue while looking at Fuji.

The men's and women's large communal bath is Lake Kawaguchi, a bathhouse of the superb view which overlooks Fuji over there in the front.
Heal your daily fatigue by soaking in the hot spring, and generate excitement by watching Mt.Fuji. Does it sound good to you?
We offer a draft beer and clear water of Mt.Fuji for free until 19:00 in the Yuagaridoko (post bathing lounge).

Wife outdoor bath "red Fuji"

The morning sunshine gets into snowy Mt.Fuji and mountain surface gets red, "Akafuji".

Gentlemen outdoor bath "Kurofuji"

"Kurofuji" which floats in moonlight. Some conditions have to be met to see this.

Wife large communal bath "young girl cherry blossoms"

We equipped powder room and tatami stairs in the changing room. Please use them to help children to change.
There is steam sauna in a big bath.

Gentlemen large communal bath "wisteria cherry blossoms"

It is a large communal bath with a sauna. You can see the fantastic view of Mt.Fuji and lake over the glass.

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