I choose here and come true, and there is Fuji. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU

Annual event

Spring event

Dance of the April 25 Lake Kawaguchi Asama Shrine annual festival child taking part in a festive procession

April 25 Fuji Omuro Asama Shrine, spring annual festival

Late April and early May Lake Kawaguchi Fujizakura, Rhododendron dilatatum Festival

Katsuyama thicket shark Festival of the April 29 worth

May 17 Motosu court noble line (Kamikuishiki-mura)

Early May and mid-November Mount Fuji view of the sunrise from the top of a high mountain issue bus tour

Mid-June and early July cherry festival

Late June and mid-July Lake Kawaguchi herb festival

Sunday SAIKO road race third in June

Evening of the end of June Lake Kawaguchi firefly

Summer event

July 1 Mount Fuji, mountain in summer difference

Saturday Mount Fuji, opening of the mountaineering season Festival fireworks display first in July

Early July and early August blueberry knob collecting

Mid-July and mid-August ceiling mountain hydrangea visit

Mid-July and mid-October strawberry hunting

Dance of July 28 日河口浅間神社太々御神楽祭稚児

Lake August 1 Lake Yamanaka report festival (Yamanakako-mura)

August 2 Saiko Palace of the Dragon King festival

Lake August 3 Lake Motosu God festival (Kamikuishiki-mura)

August 4 Lake Shoji cool air lake festival (Kamikuishiki-mura)

It is a festival in Lake Lake Kawaguchi for from 4 to 5 on August

August 8 8, Oshino sea festival (Oshino-mura)

Fire Festival of August 26 Yoshida (the Japan's three biggest strange festival) (Fujiyoshida-shi)

Autumn event

Annual festival of the September 9 Fuji Omuro Asama Shrine autumn

Middle of October mushrooms festival (root ground)

End of October Saturday and Sunday Fuji Lake Kawaguchi, maple march (walk, and walk a meeting)

Late October and mid-November Fuji Lake Kawaguchi autumn colors Festival

End of October Fuji Lake Kawaguchi autumn festival & Street station Katsuyama Thanksgiving Day (plan)

The Sunday daily publication sports cycle Grand Prix second in November

Last day of November day Lake Kawaguchi daily publication sports marathon

Winter event

Dance on mid-January and late February (each Saturday and Sunday) winter fireworks, the lake

January 13, 14th sacred tree festival, New Year's bonfire

Late January and early February Saiko, Lake Kawaguchi ice Festival

A February 23 "day of Mount Fuji" (fireworks display, etc.)

※Various events are plans. Please note that I change it or you may be canceled by weather conditions.

For more details, please contact the federation of sightseeing in Yamanashi, Fujikawaguchiko-machi.

TEL: 0555-72-3168 (only on weekdays)

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