I choose here and come true, and there is Fuji. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU

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A lot of highlight that is pleasant in the shore of located Lake Kawaguchi of the KOGETSU!

Surrounded by the beautiful lake and the green nature, Town of Fujikawaguchiko is a leisure field with various entertainments. I send information around the KOGETSU which a lot of pleasure was at a loss for.

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It is summer! ... which Nam does this year♪

... which Nam of the clown does in SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU "event of the summer" this summer ♪   Would you you like to come to meet pleasant pleasant Nam? & nbs...



It is a festival in Lake Lake Kawaguchi

With the color to dye over a lake including the pronoun "festival in Lake Lake Kawaguchi" extra-large star Main of summer Lake Kawaguchi and big ball running fire fireworks, direction fireworks, the musical star mine...

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