I choose here and come true, and there is Fuji. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU

Job Opportunities

The SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU is an inn nestling in the ridge of Lake Kawaguchi which is in Yamanashi. As for the exceedingly high mountain, in best mountain "Mount Fuji" in Japan 閣, the "spa hotel" KOGETSU expresses "a month across the lake". I have a customer spend "Fuji" that I can look at only here while seeing "a lake" and "the moon" from "an accommodation" of this hotel. I can describe such a temporary memory with a customer. The wonderful one, spirit of the smile recruit motivated people.

Conditions of employment

The offer type of job

Concierge (regular staff)

Work contents Meeting, seeing off
Guidance in the hall
Serving meals of the Dinning
Salary Based on our rule (consider a skill, experience)
Transportation expenses It is provided by a company rule
Participation insurance Social insurance, welfare annuity / unemployment insurance / / retirement bonus system existence equipped with a workmen's accident compensation insurance
Service Uniform loan
Private room dormitory facilities existence (there is no sharing a room)
◆It is convenience store existence within the range of a 3-minute walk
◆A car carry-on is possible
Meal existence
Welfare program Training trip existence
Flow of the adoption
I would like notification about the details once to the following contact information.
  • The inquiry over the telephone: 0555-76-8888
  • The inquiry by the email: info@kogetu .com
  • Personnel affairs charge: Watanabe
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Accommodation date (age / moon / day)

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Number of people /1 room

Night The name

Budget (per one or nobody)

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