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Privacy Policy

    1. When our site collects personal information, I make the purpose clear and collect information as far as it is necessary. I may not collect personal information to the user without permission. Please provide personal information optionally after having clarified a purpose of the use such as improvement and the improvement of the service, the development of the new service for a user beforehand. I do not use the personal information that I collected in the use except the purpose.
    2. I perform severe management in a charge department on maintaining the personal information that I collected. I may not hand the personal information except the result that took a statistical step to a third party unless there is an agreement of a user.
    3. About collection, the personal information to maintain it, I adhere rigidly to laws and ordinances, a model applied to this.
      About the use of the personal information
      When I have you register personal information, I state the purpose clearly. As a general rule, I do not use the use of gleanings for a limit, the use except the purpose in the range that I told a user about in the case of intelligence beforehand. In addition, the news from us may reach the e-mail address that had you register.
      When the charge section of our site does the confirmation of contribution contents, I use the real name information. Each charge section manages it with responsibility and may not give the real name information outside.

As all of you register personal information voluntarily in the place except the registration point of the personal information on our site, and our site cannot take responsibility for all about an exhibition, a publication, a case sent to on online again, I would appreciate your judging it in responsibility of all you.

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