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Accommodation plan

Discerning main dishes ◆Beef steak ◆Japanese banquet dishes plan

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It is ... in slightly deluxe Dinning
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The main dishes of Japanese banquet dishes of the dinner,
It is a recommended plan to be able to enjoy with sirloin (200 g) of the beef steak. 

Please enjoy the exquisite "beef steak" which a chef cooked heartily!

... which has a cubed steak to a child♪♪
※The dishes photograph becomes the business per person.

Rate Twin room use rate 23,760 yen ... per person 

The Japanese banquet dishes which examined seasonal ingredients closely
Meal in the room, more than five people become the private room restaurant only for customers to four people.
※The private room restaurant becomes vacant, and please confirm the situation over a telephone.

At the restaurant which can view Mount Fuji on the first floor
Japanese dishes, Western food buffet

Bath A large communal bath, the outdoor bath becomes the SPA.
You can see Lake Kawaguchi, Mount Fuji from a man, woman outdoor bath.
A steam sauna adds it to a sauna, a large communal bath for women in a large communal bath for men
※I install powder room in the large communal bath for women
Guest Rooms
Standard type Japanese-style room
This is 20.66sq meter rooms with wide-brimmed veranda. Keep a simple structure with the presence of mind in mind to be able to take a rest slowly above all...

I see the Guest Rooms of this plan

Privilege, condition
Please refrain from the combination with other plans, privileges.
The details, reservation of this plan
Reservation, inquiry | over the telephone tel: 0555-76-8888
Cancellation rule
  • From accommodation date two days ago ... three days ago: 30% of hotel charges
  • The day before: 50% of hotel charges
  • On the day: 100% of hotel charges
  • Of the communication when there is not it: 100% of hotel charges
Reservation reconfirmation, cancellation
The cancellation possibility date and time from a net Until 0:00 three days before the accommodation date
I see all accommodation plans
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