I choose here and come true, and there is Fuji. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU

KOGETSU Photo Gallery


From July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

The grand prix

Winter fireworks


A shooting day: 2015.2.1/ place: Than Guest Rooms

A prize: The SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU 2 days and 1 night pair accommodation coupon which a plan you like can choose
The tenth photo album award

The associate grand prix



A shooting day: 2016.2.17/ place: in front of hotel,beside the lake

A prize: Chateau wine red, white, three rose set
The tenth photo album award


A first interview. Mount Fuji


A shooting day: 2015.8.22/ place: 3F

A prize: Two KOGETSU original local sake set
The tenth photo album award


Present of God


A shooting day: 2016.1.27/ place: Room 501

The air is full of spring


A shooting day: 2015.4.27/ place: Garden

A prize: Lake Kawaguchi-limited homemade blueberry jam
The tenth photo album award The tenth photo album award
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