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The golden Seven Deities of Good Luck

20110922171203717_0001■□■Golden Seven Deities of Good Luck circulation■□■

I had you donate it than person of comic chat "Mr. intricate design alley きみまろ" resident in Fujikawaguchiko-machi
The only "golden Seven Deities of Good Luck" were installed in the shore of Lake Kawaguchi in the world.


Now much-talked-about soccer girl World Cup Germany meeting championship "Nadeshiko Japan"
Manager Sasaki prays for victory before a meeting, too!


Please enjoy it while taking a walk through the shore of seasonal Lake Kawaguchi from now!



※The sealed letter issued by a shogun colored paper is available in this hotel.
[rate] Sealed letter issued by a shogun 700 yen colored paper 500 yen

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