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2018 Shiba, Fuji Sakura Festival

◆Shiba, Fuji Sakura Festival ◆From Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, May 27


A metropolitan area is largest. The gregariousness of the ground pink which increased to approximately 800,000 stocks!


I will be known as charming sights of Fuji widely
"Shiba, Fuji Sakura Festival"
In Nature of Mount Fuji, it is 植付面積約 2.4Ha, approximately 800,000 stocks
The gregariousness of the ground pink which increased to this.


The ground pink which reaches spring, and grew up more has thicker density,
A carpet of red, rouge, white, the cerise covering the earth almost
It will be to open it this year!


With a forest of the fresh green, blue sky and Mount Fuji, a bright color
Contrast colors the world from spring to early summer.


[holding place] Fuji Lake Motosu resort
[period] From Saturday, April 14 to Sunday, May 27
[business hours] From 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
[admission charges] Adult (more than a junior high student) 600 yen, child (3 years old or older) 250 yen
[parking charges] Normal car 500 yen motorcycle 300 yen large car 2,000 yen
[inquiry] Shiba, Fuji Sakura Festival secretariat 0555-89-3031




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