I choose here and come true, and there is Fuji. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU


Please thoroughly enjoy the banquet dishes using seasonal ingredients.

The fresh green leaves, the cool breeze from the lake, the autumn colored leaves, the snow covered Mt. Fuji. We create another pleasure by serving SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU kaiseki meal cooked with fresh ingredients considering seasonal landscape.

Dinning of the KOGETSU

It becomes the meal in the room to two people - four people. Private dinning hall (more than 5 guests). A buffet in the restaurant for breakfast.

Menu of this month

Aperitif White peach liquor
Small appetizer With mustard of one, Isogai and the wild udo
   Of the seaweed breathe; fatty tuna
One, sea bream greens roll
One, tilefish Nishikyo
One, sunflower Maruju
I take one, and Koshu approaches
Bowl I put tomato Rikyu kudzu
 Winter melon sweet fish せごし
 Somen or reason
造里 本鮪鱸忍野 salmon
 Shark Oishi konjac 
 Wife Set
Assorted Dish Japanese black beef Gyunabe
  Dark-brown bean paste makeup
Substitute for stewed foods I put the amber of octopus and straw or the dish simmered in
 Rikyu あん citron
Steamed cake Hairtail steaming with sake
 Plum grated bean jam
Vinegared food Conger eel single night airing is annoying; wind
Meal Rice
 Miso soup Pickled Vegetables
Fruit Jelly of the passion fruit
 Narusawa blueberry
※In some cases, the food content may vary with the ingredient used. Please have it relaxedly; | SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU Chef

Feelings of the chef

SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU chef Katsuya Togawa

The dish which I put together by eight times a year of dish changes in a season.

The pleasure of the dish accounts for the big weight of the trip.
I take in seasonal foods, and the dish which I finished in banquet dishes style is beautiful
The stern eyes of the cook in pursuit of served figure, taste.
I am satisfied with the tongue of the visitor while changing eight times a year of dishes of it
I will make an effort for せるべく days.

Special dish of the chef recommendation

Koshu wine pork

It is the precious pork which I give Koshu pig special product "wine" of Yamanashi and raised. I give this pork with shabu-shabu and tsumire hotpot in this hotel.

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