I choose here and come true, and there is Fuji. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU

Beauty treatment salon

I have various courses including whitening, small face & detox & relaxation effect

らべんだー course (body)

It is wrapped in flavor of the aroma and promotes bloodstream and a lymphatic flow and is the aroma treatment of detox & relaxation effect.

Partial intensive care

40 minutes Back or both legs 6, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

The back

60 minutes From a sole to a back 9, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

Whole body

90 minutes It is the scruff from a sole 13, 500 yen (tax-excluded)


40 minutes I stimulate the reflection ward of the sole and promote the blood circulation. 6, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

Cherry tree course (facial)

I lead skin to activity, the skin care in reliable cosmetics toward treatment & sensitive skin of all hands.


40 minutes Cleansing + face-wash +
Massage + humidity retention
7, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

Basic + cream pack

60 minutes   10, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

Pack according to basic + skin

70 minutes   12, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

ますかっと course (head massage)

I prepare autonomic nerve by stimulating a head in all hands pleasantly.


40 minutes Treatment of heating + decollete + scalp 6, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

びおら course (special)

It is the specialty which leads in combination a popular beauty treatment salon to the first-class relaxation.

Body + facial

150 minutes Body 90 minutes & facial 60 minutes 23, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

Body + head massage

130 minutes Body 90 minutes & head massage 40 minutes 19, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

Facial + head massage

100 minutes Facial 60 minutes & head massage 40 minutes 15, 000 yen (tax-excluded)

About body oil

The massage liquid which does not enter one drop of oil ingredient either. I combine ceramide, amino acid, 12 kinds of beauty ingredients including the hyaluronic acid which it is hard to combine with oil luxuriously.
Please choose him more.

About facial cosmetics

Small molecule collagen 60% combination proud of absorption factor approximately 7 times to.
Malin collagen to send to the corner layer deep part of the skin.
The vegetable collagen combination that has abundant amino acid again.
I let you maintain moisture for a long term to have a superior humidity retention power.
Raw materials 90% combination derived from food in a pack according to the skin!
It is healthy and leads it to the skin with the moisture.

Head massage ... head massage not to wash away

With the flavor of the mint, I combine 28 kinds of beauty ingredients in a good balance. Mainly on extract derived from a plant, I selected carefully with the thing which could expect an effect of health with skin.
Changing gel is used by essence when I let you be familiar by water Lee gel type. As I am not clinging, washing it away after the surgical operation is unnecessary.
The finest head massage to lead to beauty
Flavor of the mint which is refreshing refreshment

Instructions in the beauty treatment salon

An aesthetics surgical operation act of our salon is not a medical act for the purpose of the treatment.
When you apply below to it, with giving first priority to the security of the customer, please note that you cannot accept acceptance.
 ・The one that medicine in the treatment is taken, and there is now
 ・Pregnant one
 ・Skin disease
 ・One with redness, the inflammation that skin becomes more sensitive than usual
 ・One with the abnormal swelling
 ・The one that takes on alcohol
 ・One just after the sunburn
 ・One at the time of the fever
 ・It is the infectious disease at the present such as athlete's foot infectious diseases
 ・One just after cosmetic surgery, the chemical peeling
 ・When I take it as an act to disturb the administration of our salon


Business hours 16:00 ...
Reception desk last time 20:00
The last surgical operation start 22:00

Apply for the reservation to the front desk ninth.
It completely needs reservations with each course.

    • It is the time required at the time of each course.
    • I recommend that he/she finishes a shower beforehand to enhance the effect of the surgical operation.
    • Please consult about the reservation of the surgical operation business hours ago. I may not accept it.
    • When it is past reservation time and starts a surgical operation, I shorten surgical operation time. Please note that the rate of that case is the same amount.
    • A cancellation fee is caused 100% for 60 minutes of the reservation time. Thank you for your understanding.
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