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About a rate

  • How much are the hotel charges?

    • A rate is fixed at a season by a day, the number of people per one, a Guest Room type.
      Specifically, please refer.
  • The rate of the child? What happens?

    • A primary schoolchild is 70% of hotel charges of adult. A dish is the dish which reduced the quantity that followed the dish of adult.
      It is 50% of rates of adult from 3 years old to 6 years old. The Dinning is a kids' lunch.
  • It is a 5-year-old child, I do not need the meal, does it cost the rate?

    • When it is until 3 years old - 6 years old and is a meal-free, I charge facility fee for use 3,240 yen (there is no futon only as for the yukata). When you want futon, the visitor whom 3,240 yen depends on elsewhere two years or younger is free.
  • How long does it take cancellation fee?

    • Is ... three days ago two days ago than accommodation date; 30% of hotel charges
      It is 50% on the day before
      100% on that day
      Of the communication when there is not it, will have it by 100%.

About an in-house facility

  • Can you use only a bath?

    • I'm sorry. There is not the plan of the day trip bath.
  • Is there the place to have lunch in a hall?

    • I offer lunch plan in this hotel. If even the visitor who does not stay can make a reservation, I can use it from more than 20 people.
  • Is the bath of the Guest Rooms SPA?

    • Outdoor bath, all the Guest Room with foot bath are SPA. Of course the large communal bath becomes the SPA, too.
  • Can you see Mount Fuji from Guest Room?

    • Yes, you can see it from all rooms.
  • Is there the Guest Rooms of the bed?

    • I have offering it of six Guest Room (I include a special room) of the Japanese and Western-style guest room.

About Dinning

  • Is the cooking different by the hotel charges?

    • The food type is replaced by a rate. In addition, it is replaced by the season.
  • There is an old person and cannot eat it a lot…

    • You reduce the number of articles, and please order it beforehand as you cope in a form called the Quality over Quantity.
  • Where is a meal place?

    • To two people - four people, it is a meal in the room. Private dinning hall (more than 5 guests). A buffet in the restaurant for breakfast.
  • Is there the thing which I cannot eat?

    • I talk. The correspondence smoothens when I can hear beforehand.


  • What are time of Che Quinn, the check-out?

    • At check-in 15:00, it is check-out 10:00.
  • Are there pickup and drop-off?

    • Yes, there is it.
      The person sent to meet will go to meet you if I can hear if he/she gets to Kawaguchiko Station from 14:30.
      I send the forwarding every 30 minutes until 10:15 from 8:00.
      Specifically, visit on the day at the front desk.
  • Is there the wheelchair?

    • There is two preparation.
  • Is there the Capacity of the parking lot?

    • There is approximately 50 parking space.
  • Can the pet stay together?

    • I'm sorry. I decline the companion of the pet. I introduce a pet hotel nearby.
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