I choose here and come true, and there is Fuji. SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU

Way of enjoying KOGETSU

The hotel where the theme of the SHUHOUKAKU KOGETSU at the shore of Lake Kawaguchi northern coast has upper "relaxation" and "play"

You will be satisfied by the majestic figure of Mt.Fuji that you have never seen while you are enjoying hot spring in Kawaguchi-ko. Once you take a step outside with the background of rich greenery, the scenery of water's edge at lakeside spreads in front of your eyes. Quit it though forget time for wind across the lake, and open a feather to a facility in neighboring leisure;, too and. ... which wants to fully enjoy play time and to stay relaxedly.

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2017 Shiba, Fuji Sakura Festival

◆Shiba, Fuji Sakura Festival ◆From Saturday, April 15 to Sunday, May 28      A metropolitan area is largest. The gregariousness of the ground pink which increased to approximately 800,000 stocks!  ...

Today's Lake Kawaguchi | This hotel staff updates scenery to change of Lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji.

May 26


Safflower Sakae

Today is rain ... from morning
At last cold; is Lake Kawaguchi to feel to be.
In Mount Fuji a figure in a cloud
I cover it.

Weather seems to be good on the weekend!
It is ... I hope you have a great weekend♪

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